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XSM1 series hydraulic motors

XSM1 series hydraulic motors

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XSM series motor is the company's collection of years of production experience, on the basis of Italian technology design improvement, XSM series motor shell strength increased, internal dynamic components bearing capacity and anti-pollution ability enhanced. This feature gives the series motors a high continuous power range. Due to the high mechanical and volumetric efficiency, while reducing the internal unit load, heat generation and associated negative effects are reduced. Its main characteristics are as follows:

1. As there is no lateral force between the piston and the swing cylinder, the piston bottom is designed as a static pressure balance, and the torque is transmitted between the piston and the crankshaft through moving bearings, which reduce the friction loss in the process of force transmission. Therefore, XSM series hydraulic motors have the characteristics of high mechanical efficiency and high starting torque (mechanical efficiency above 0.92 when starting).

2. The plane valve is simple and reliable, with good sealing performance and little leakage. The plastic piston ring between the piston and the swing cylinder is leak-free and thus has a high volume efficiency (up to 0.99).

3. Composite material bushing with friction reduction and self-lubrication performance (patented technology) is used between the trunnion of the pendulum cylinder and the shaft hole of the back cover and shell. The structure reduces friction loss and improves sealing performance and anti-fouling ability. Therefore, the mechanical efficiency and working reliability of low stability are improved.

4. Because the piston and the bearing sleeve stick firmly through the clasp, there is no gap, so this series of hydraulic motor can operate under the pump condition, when the oil inlet is closed, the motor can operate under the free wheel condition (when the pump condition, the oil pressure needs to be supplemented, which can improve the working reliability).

5. This series of hydraulic motor has high pressure, the higher pressure can reach 35MPa. Light weight, small size, high power.

6. Because of its simple structure and reasonable design, it can use bearings with large load capacity, so it is reliable, long life and low noise. The drive shaft is allowed to bear radial load and the direction of rotation is reversible.

XSM series hydraulic motors are widely used in the hydraulic transmission system of plastic machinery, light industry machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, lifting and transporting equipment, heavy machinery, petroleum and coal mining machinery, ship deck machinery, machine tools, geological drilling equipment and other machinery. Especially suitable for hoisting capstan, drum drive, all kinds of rotary machinery drive, track and wheel driving mechanism and other transmission machinery.

XSM1 series hydraulic motors

XSM1 series hydraulic motors

XSM1 series hydraulic motors

XSM1 series hydraulic motors

XSM1 series hydraulic motors

XSM1 series hydraulic motors









A2FE cartridge motor is an inclined shaft motor equipped with an axial conical plunger.

It is designed for priority installation of hydraulic drive motors in reducers such as track drive.

The mounting flange of the motor is designed in the middle of the motor housing. This wheel-side hydraulic motor structure allows the motor to be integrated with the reducer, making it quite compact. It is characterized that the hydraulic brake valve group is placed in the motor housing, and the hydraulic brake valve group comprises a throttle valve, safety brake valve and anti-flipping valve installed in one body; The normally closed parking braking system comprises a friction plate group arranged under the brake piston rod outside the plunger cylinder head.

A radial conical piston pump motor rotor group equipped with a inclined shaft design scheme; Simple installation, simple ground socket installed in the equipment reducer box; The core flange installation design of the casing can make the motor very consistent with the installation of the gearbox inside; Tight, firm rolling bearing system software with a long life; With high power; Detailed modules prepared in advance for assembly and testing; Life is long.

-- Integral structure, reliable assembly of low pressure hydraulic motor, and qualified by hydraulic walking motor inspection.

-- Easy to install.

Simply plug into the mechanical reducer.

-- There is no need to pay attention to installation tolerance during installation.


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