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WDQ260 Crane series winch

WDQ260 Crane series winch

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This type of hydraulic winch for crane winch, mainly used in truck crane, truck crane, drilling equipment, compact structure, economic benefits.



The transmission mechanism used by the low-speed motor can be very simple: 1. No reduction device is applied: Low speed hydraulic motor itself is with low speed ratio of this characteristic, its in the lower speed ratio level is already enough to fully meet the application requirements of machinery and equipment, so in the use of all the transmission mechanism, is not the lifting deceleration device, hydraulic tooth motor to cooperate with the motor. 2. Can work with the agency immediately join application: different from the hydraulic motor, in the middle of the connection with the work organization and spacing of the speed reducer, low gear type of hydraulic motor is in use, under the condition of half a circle can be immediately and work institution connected applications, so also encourages all of its transmission mechanism is very simple. Due to the continuous friction between the skeleton seal and the export shaft in the use of the motor of the rotary wheel line hydraulic press in the ordinary time, it will inevitably lead to the damage of the skeleton seal and the shaft surface. If the skeleton seal exceeds a certain level, the expected effect of sealing will be lost, resulting in oil leakage. Solution: the skeleton seal needs to be replaced. If the export shaft is damaged more seriously, the export shaft needs to be replaced



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