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Hydraulic vibrator vibrate rammer

Hydraulic vibrator vibrate rammer

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Type: Rotary vibrator

Origin: Ningbo, China

Pressure: 25 mpa

Rated torque: 235--11875 N.M

Maximum speed: 250 -- 1000R/Max

Vibration rammer belongs to the excavator, used to tamp the road, can tamp the plan, slope, ladder, ditch, dent, edge, cover culvert back, so how to correctly select vibration rammer?

First, pay attention to the vibration of the motor, because the quality of its products can directly harm the decision of the application of dynamic rammer and use period;

Two, vibration rammer area, rammer area is not the heavier the better, the larger the motor can not withstand, very easy to improve the failure rate of equipment, small is very easy to leak the motor naked outside, so when buying can not let manufacturers change the rammer area;

3. Whether the rolling bearings in the server are imported or not, it is very easy to crush and slip steel balls caused by centripetal force in China;

Four, the installation of machining accuracy, vibration rammer server with eccentric, eccentric rotation, ensure that the coaxiality is not more than 0.001mm, otherwise it is easy to get stuck, do not work;

Five, the sealing ring must be imported, the rotation of the eccentric at work is very easy to cause the temperature rise of the refrigerant, the quality is not good sealing ring is very easy to aging too early, oil seepage;

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