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XYJ series hydraulic winch 3T

XYJ series hydraulic winch 3T

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Product overview

XYJ series hydraulic winch is composed of various integrated valve blocks, hydraulic motors, brakes, planetary reducer, winding, racks and clutches with one-way balance valve and high pressure shuttle valve controlling brake. Users only need to be equipped with pump station and reversing valve. Because the winch has its own valve set, it not only simplifies the hydraulic system but also improves the working reliability of the transmission device.

In addition, it also has the characteristics of high efficiency, large power, less energy consumption, low noise, beautiful appearance, compact size, good economy and so on. The product can be widely used in construction engineering, petroleum, coal mining, machinery, geological drilling, ship deck machinery and other equipment, the product has not only sold well in the whole country, And exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, South Korea, Russia, Australia, the United States, the Netherlands and other countries and regions.



When the hydraulic motor is loaded, the speed ratio is much lower.


1, hydraulic motor inlet and outlet back pressure type is very large.

2, enter the speed ratio reduction caused by low working pressure.

Clearing method:

1, can check back pressure type working pressure, such as imported hydraulic motor.

2. Import working pressure can be checked and preventive measures taken.

Problem three, noise, vibration.


1, the internal components of the hydraulic motor are damaged.

2. The belt and the coupling are parallel to each other, or there is external shock.

Clearing method:

1. Do a good job of inspection on time. Once the problem is found, the hydraulic swing motor should be removed and replaced immediately.

2. Calibrate the coupling device, adjust the parallelism of the inner thread and the outer triangle belt groove of the belt tray, and ensure that it cannot exceed 0.1mm, and try to remove the vibration from the outside.

The common problems and inspection methods in the application of hydraulic motors are introduced in detail here. Then, why not refer to them in the case of application, so as to achieve better use of the actual effect.


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