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XYJ series hydraulic winch 0.5t

XYJ series hydraulic winch 0.5t

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Product overview

XYJ series hydraulic winch is composed of various integrated valve blocks, hydraulic motors, brakes, planetary reducer, winding, racks and clutches with one-way balance valve and high pressure shuttle valve controlling brake. Users only need to be equipped with pump station and reversing valve. Because the winch has its own valve set, it not only simplifies the hydraulic system but also improves the working reliability of the transmission device.

In addition, it also has the characteristics of high efficiency, large power, less energy consumption, low noise, beautiful appearance, compact size, good economy and so on. The product can be widely used in construction engineering, petroleum, coal mining, machinery, geological drilling, ship deck machinery and other equipment, the product has not only sold well in the whole country, And exported to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, India, South Korea, Russia, Australia, the United States, the Netherlands and other countries and regions.


XYJ series hydraulic winch 0.5t



Selection of hydraulic motors

There are many types of hydraulic motors with different characteristics. Moderate hydraulic motors should be used according to their application status and application standards. In the case of low speed operation, low speed ratio motor can be optional, and high speed motor can also be used to reduce speed equipment. Selection should be based on the construction and indoor space standards, the cost of machinery and equipment, transmission system rotation distance is not effective and other factors to select.

In the case of choosing hydraulic motor goods, it is necessary to screen out some specifications and models that can meet the demand, and then carry out comprehensive analysis to pick out the corresponding loss, total flow and high efficiency. Then, according to the economic assessment of the project, the actual specifications and models are clear. If the cost budget of the hydraulic drive motor is relatively limited, then it is suggested that friends can choose the hydraulic motor with lower working pressure, so that the hydraulic press source, pressure regulating valve and pipeline specifications and models are small.

If the cost budget is sufficient, the total efficiency of the motor should be used; If the application people pay more attention to the service life of the machine and equipment, the motor with small loss should be used, and the goods used are most suitable for the above plan, such as hydraulic gear motor.


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