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ED series planetary gearbox

ED series planetary gearbox

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The modular design of XED is compact, easy to install and maintain, and features a planetary deceleration structure. The semi-floating planetary frame is designed to resist deformation and impact, and is suitable for rotary drives in construction and construction machinery.



The production and processing error of reducer gear is harmful to noise. Reducing and restraining gear noise is important to reduce the noise of gear reducer. In order to reduce gear noise better, it is necessary to consider both product structure design and gear precision.

1, low noise gear product structure design provisions. The direct influence of gear product structure design on noise is very important. The ideal formulation is to improve the bending strength of transmission gear as far as possible, choose a large displacement coefficient and appropriate spiral Angle, so that the gear index increases, so as to reduce noise.

2. The manufacturing accuracy of reducer gear is harmful to noise. The noise value of reducer gear is determined by its manufacturing accuracy. Gear reducer gear is the primary function of transmission speed ratio and torsion, so its gear manufacturing accuracy, its work stability level is specific.

The gear with higher working stability level has a long service life, and the impact and vibration in the transmission system is small, so it is important to limit the stability error value of the gear in the work to reduce the gear noise.


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