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BFL series hydraulic reducer

BFL series hydraulic reducer

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The XCBD rotary series is compact and powerful. Its planetary drive mechanism makes it ideal for all heavy-duty applications with impact loads and collisions. With a wide selection of mounting forms, gear combinations, output shafts and motor interfaces, the configuration is highly versatile. Suitable for construction machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery and other rotary drive device.



The temperature rise is the difference in temperature between the gear reducer and the natural environment caused by the heating of the gear reducer. In operation, the transformer core of gear reducer is located in the alternating electromagnetic field, which will cause iron loss, copper loss and various miscellaneous dissipation. This is to raise the temperature of the gear reducer. On the other hand, gear reducers also dissipate heat. When heating and cooling the same state of equilibrium, the temperature will not rise and fixed at a level. When the heat increases or the heat dissipation decreases, the balance will be destroyed, so that the temperature is rising, the expansion of the temperature difference, the improvement of heat dissipation, in another higher temperature to achieve a new balance. But when the temperature difference of the temperature rise has become bigger than before, so that temperature rise is gear speed reducer design and operation of a key index, means that the heat level of gear speed reducer, in operation, such as gear speed reducer temperature suddenly increases, indicates a gear speed reducer common failures, or duct blockage or under the heavy load.


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