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Adh 4.5T-8T series auger drive

Adh 4.5T-8T series auger drive

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Screw drilling machine is a kind of construction machinery which is close to the construction nozzle project and can be used in electric power, telecommunication, municipal administration, high-speed railway, expressway and highway. Construction. Petroleum, forest and other soil layer above the pole, wooden shoes, bridge yao, forest and other drilling engineering, to achieve multi-functional characteristics. Its construction efficiency is high. It's electricity, telecom, municipal, high speed rail. High motivation. Highway, construction, petroleum, forest and other ideal foundation construction equipment. Screw drill is used for pit soil, back soil garden, silt soil. Silt fan xi, sand tusi, pearl soil and brain can not be drilled by the turtle dung contains part of the poststone. A bed of rubble. Core bits are used and can also be embedded into rock formations.



With the auger power head processing workpiece increasingly complex, accuracy level and processing efficiency, multi-radial, high-speed rotation into the indispensable standard tool machine, in addition to the processing of the core machine toward functional complex, CNC lathe level has been designed by the early horizontal lathe development a lot of new processing shape, For example, double-tool tower, CNC vertical lathe, head inverted CNC lathe, and its turning and milling compound machine, in order to adapt to the new era of power head processing method requirements. In which the new concept car milling compound machine is undoubtedly a new technology of application integration machine tool works, to the advantage of the larger depends on easily on the same machine platform for complex parts processing, can be together for milling, drilling, tapping, inner hole grooving, side slot cutting graph, profile cutting, punching, cutting the. Through a tool machine can realize all the processing steps of a part, greatly reduce the processing time of the new machine around the material, and the opportunity to reduce the size tolerance of human factors, so as to achieve the definition of "DoInOne" processing. In the new era of turning and milling compound machine, whether it is the c-axis head top of the measuring range, deputy machine tool spindle, Y axis, etc., must be matched with the driving force can have the role of turning and milling compound machine, so a multi-functional, high-precision C-axis driving force tool tower, will make the new era turning and milling compound machine more perfect.


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