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Adh8t-13t series auger drive

Adh8t-13t series auger drive

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In fact, people must be looking forward to the application of auger when it can be over loss at least to create a lot of rights and interests, but many people do not understand how to protect and maintain the winter photovoltaic engineering drilling machine, solar power drilling machine, auger power head?

Today, I would like to introduce to us the winter rig maintenance:

In order to better improve the quality of mechanical equipment, make it durable, each manufacturer will have their own quality assurance system, and inspection methods. There are some engineering construction machinery and equipment servers and general process parts of good quality. However, the quality of mechanical equipment parts produced by outsourcing manufacturers is not very good, resulting in the overall often abnormal, so it is recommended to use the original parts in the replacement of parts. When changing hydraulic oil, pay attention to ensure that: clean the hydraulic oil with gasoline after release, and carefully dip the internal structure of the oil tank with batter after cleaning, and all dip neatly; Then remove and replace the oil, return to the hydraulic oil filter element, and then use the industrial production of magnet block oil box bottom three to five pieces, in the addition of new hydraulic oil. Attention - point, rotary table transmission and winch transmission with oil in the summer, winter should be changed for car oil, facilitate very easy operation.


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