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Adh10t-23t series auger drive

Adh10t-23t series auger drive

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Each field has its own requirements. The company has production safety requirements, and the construction site has construction safety requirements. The operation of the auger rig must have a requirement to regulate the operators. All requirements are also for stronger and more reliable engineering construction, the article shares the operation of the auger drill and power head requirements.

Everyone's operators in the work must be through systematic learning and learning training, be sure to know and master the structure, characteristics, principle, operation and maintenance of rotary excavator level of professional knowledge, and a variety of geological environment and geomorphology to have a certain grasp. Rotary excavator operator must pass the evaluation standard before the operation can be carried out. You can learn the structure of small auger in the production workshop, learn the control of rotary excavator and various hydraulic machines and other engineering construction technology in the test site.

Before work, operators should refrain from drinking alcohol, taking medicine or eating any food that is likely to harm the control level. Operators must strictly implement the construction site regulations, enter the site to wear safety helmet, work clothing and labor protection shoes. Before carrying out the drilling operation, try to observe and grasp the regional geological structure section, overhead cable, building construction, etc., especially pay attention to natural gas pipeline, underground cable, high voltage line, etc.

Look forward to everyone's operators can strictly implement the requirements, not only for the boss to consider, but also for our security.


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