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XTB series swing drive

XTB series swing drive

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XTB08A rotary motor is a rotary device driven by swash plate straight shaft hydraulic motor. The motor is equipped with auxiliary parts such as oil filling valve, rotary brake, overflow, etc. to ensure the smooth operation of rotary device, safe and reliable. Features: simple structure, small volume, low noise.



Most of the reducer application of tooth surface heat treatment or high strength stainless steel plate as the raw material, doing that in order to better improve the effect of the operation of the speed reducer and abrasion resistance, but due to the rotation of the worm reducer is sliding friction drive system, thus will be generated during the course of running a lot of heat, the temperature increase rapidly, Over time in the middle of the speed reducer and sealing parts components of calorific value can produce heat swell, causing the deceleration machine spare parts surface interval, then add lubricating oil temperature rise of the density decreases, after long-term application, very easy to cause reducer oil leakage phenomenon and apparent damage of tooth surface, and produce the condition such as fibrillation or abnormal noise.

Therefore, according to the analysis of the problem, the key reasons for common faults are summarized as follows:

1, worm gear reducer selected material use and matching is not scientific.

2. The production quality of gear tooth surface is not qualified.

3, the selection of lubricating oil is not scientific.

4, the quality of installation equipment and elements of the office environment.

In the process of parts processing and assembly material should be careful to control, in the configuration of the worm reducer and replacement of parts and the operation process to avoid strong tapping with a hammer and other special tools, and selects the authenticity of the rolling bearing, seal ring, such as spare parts to replace, should be applied for the oil box body to carry out the protection of shell pole, in order to avoid damage or tooth surface rust.


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