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XTM series travel drive

XTM series travel drive

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This product is a walking device of motor and reducer body. It is composed of double displacement axial piston motor and planetary reducer. Motor built-in anti-reverse valve, high and low two gear conversion device, is characterized by: large transmission ratio range, compact structure, high efficiency, strong reliability, small volume, smooth operation, low noise; At the same time, it has the advantages of multi-level safety protection and long service life. Suitable for hydraulic crawler driven walking device.




Worm gear reducer found abnormal hot should be properly handled:

In the process of using worm gear reducer, the reducer often gets hot when running. Cause the internal structure of the worm gear vortexes quickly damaged. If it is found that the hot situation is serious, please stop working immediately, find the factors causing the heating of worm gear reducer and remove it. Because if the worm gear reducer becomes hot more serious, it will reduce the wear resistance index of the worm gear and the vortex rod, resulting in the rapid damage of the reducer structure. The following is the common problem cause and common solution of worm gear reducer hot:

1. The oil seal is damaged, the sealing gasket is damaged, the oil quantity is too high, the oil plug is loose, and the oil level gauge is damaged. Cleaning method: replace the oil seal, replace the sealing gasket, add appropriate lubricating oil, tighten the oil plug, and replace the inlet and outlet shaft of the oil level gauge.

2. Overload transportation, oil too low or too high, poor lubricating oil or not modest, oil seal too much friction, the output shaft connected to drive system is not reasonable to remove methods: adjusting to moderate load or pick large number, in accordance with the flag plus adequate lubricating oil, oil discharged after plus adequate lubricating oil, a few drops in oil seal oil, adjusting to the reasonable parts of the reducer noise.


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