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Rexroth GFT series travel drive

Rexroth GFT series travel drive

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HYDROTRACGFT is an ideal driving device for wheeled or tracked vehicles and other mobile devices. Other than that. Where there is movement and rotation can be applied.

The variety of products available in HYDROTRAC GFT also demonstrates the wide applicability of this drive.

Because of its compact design, HYDROTRACGFT drives can be used in extremely difficult installation environments.

The use of hardened surface gears and tempered and hardened inner gears, together with good manufacturing quality, gives the equipment excellent load carrying capacity and operational reliability.

The gear system is designed according to L + S computer program. The drive with the highest safety margin has the best overall efficiency, in addition to its use of plug-in motors and rolling bearings, which also contribute to the improvement in efficiency.

The speed reducer described in this sample is frequently updated or improved. In order to meet the special requirements of users on size and output, we can make further variation design according to requirements. We are ready to advise you whenever you need to, even in the project interface, in order to find the most appropriate solution for you.



Next, let's discuss the causes and solutions of various abnormal situations of reducer bearings:

1. Cause of the phenomenon: there is residue in the lubricating medium, which causes abnormal sound in the pollution of the bearing, and even vibration and abnormal sound in the meshing between the gears.

Solution: improve the cleanliness of the lubrication medium, replace on time, improve the cleanliness of the operation.

2. Cause of phenomenon: There are problems in lubrication, inadequate lubrication or damaged seals cause oil leakage, bearings can not be effectively lubricated, resulting in dry friction of equipment, abnormal temperature rise and noise, and even locked.

Solution: Ensure proper lubrication, detection of sealing structure damage caused by oil leakage, timely supplement.

3. Cause of phenomenon: bearing clearance is too small, in use may cause abnormal sound and temperature rise caused by bearing pre-overload, bearing clearance is too large, may cause abnormal sound caused by excessive vibration or local load, causing bearing damage.

Solution: Determine a reasonable bearing clearance according to the situation of the equipment, and detect the difference between before and after assembly.

4. Cause of phenomenon: external solid pollutants into the reducer, resulting in bearing into the residue in the environment, and vibration, heating, lubrication does not work, abnormal wear and other problems.

Solution: improve and optimize the sealing structure of BFL series reducer equipment, maintain the sealing effect regularly, and properly deal with the problems found.


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