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Rexroth GFB series swing drive

Rexroth GFB series swing drive

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Hydrostatic rotary reducer MOBILEXGFB is an ideal transmission device. The device has stood the test and demonstrated its high performance under the most adverse conditions. Rotary reducer is widely used in all kinds of excavators, cranes, ship unloading devices, forestry equipment, and equipment with rotary motion. Because the structure of the device is particularly compact. So it is particularly suitable for installation in space-saving devices. The equipment is easy to install and maintain. Due to the use of hardened gears and nitriding inner gears, and the high quality of production process, the equipment has a very good load capacity, reliable operation and low noise. The gear system is designed according to L+S computer program, which is safe and reliable, and the transmission has the best overall efficiency.

The new series of drives in this table are continuously improved and updated equipment. According to special requirements, we can provide users with a variety of sizes and performance of the transmission.

Therefore, we suggest that we help you find the best transmission solution during the design phase.



For the selection of reducer, not only according to the main parameters of the specified decision, but also must be on the reducer specifications and assembly method selection, such as the reducer you choose is a big planet reducer, or worm gear reducer, is coaxial line, or 90 degrees vertical installation of these.

Especially for the selection of worm gear and worm reducer, has its designated application scenarios, such as must all sports equipment has the self-locking function, everybody has that many cases and the design requirements, such as transmission mechanism is the vertical installation, in order to avoid the machinery and equipment in the electric power off after drop, we usually choose worm gear and worm reducer.

Bicker, of course, many people will say can choose to take the brake servo drive motor, I think is ok in theory, and usually vertical position servo drive motor is everyone can choose the brake, but we will find, in the use of specific motor servo drive many machines at the moment of electricity equipment can produce a small drop situation, If this time you choose the hydraulic motor planetary reducer, you can also be good to prevent that situation, because the worm gear reducer is with self-locking effect.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the assembly method of the type and specification, which can not be arbitrary to make a decision.


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